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Dress cuts

Design your own colors of these dress cuts and create your original piece of clothing just for you

  • Racy - dress model

    Racy - dress model

    Price €199.00
  • Charm - dress model

    Charm - dress model

    Price €199.00
  • Fancy - dress model

    Fancy - dress model

    Price €199.00
  • Strip - dress model

    Strip - dress model

    Price €199.00
  • Mystic - dress model

    Mystic - dress model

    Price €199.00
  • Lure - dress model

    Lure - dress model

    Price €199.00

Skirt cuts

Design your own colors of these skirt cuts and create your original piece of clothing just for you

  • Vamp - skirt model

    Vamp - skirt model

    Price €139.00
  • Tender - skirt model

    Tender - skirt model

    Price €139.00
  • Glamour - skirt model

    Glamour - skirt model

    Price €139.00
  • Vivid - skirt model

    Vivid - skirt model

    Price €139.00
  • Jolly - skirt model

    Jolly - skirt model

    Price €139.00
  • Tingle - skirt model

    Tingle - skirt model

    Price €139.00


"Great satisfaction"

Beautiful dresses. They fit me perfectly. I highly recommend!

~Janka T.

"Custom colors"

I personally highlight the unique opportunity to choose your own colors. It's great!

~Katka D.

"Excellent approach to the customer"

Thank you very much. Fast delivery, great and comfortable material. Professional approach.

~Baška P.


Choose a design and customize colors by yourselves

Quality material and cut

It fits you perfectly and lasts to enjoy for a long time

Free delivery

All delivered directly to you at our expense

Beautiful packaging

Will delight the heart as well as your eyes, whether or donee person

Slow fashion

Quality, long life, you protect the planet and support designers

Made with passion

Support independent designers and high-quality mode


The EVALICIOUS concept is all about creating your own personal style. You create your own style, in your own way, something unique that will reflect you and how you feel perfectly. You become the designer of your own dress, under the careful guidance of our experts, creating something marvellous and exciting, just for you.

The concept is perfectly aligned with the current trends and direction of the fashion market. It combines the style and beauty of customised, personal dressmaking with affordability and ease of shopping.

EVALICIOUS supports the return to slow fashion. The goal is to recognise the uniqueness of every EVALICIOUS client, what makes you special so that you get a lifetime of beauty and fun from your quality dress.

With our carefully selected high quality materials, the skills of our designers and seamstresses and especially your involvement directly into the creation process you can be sure of 100% satisfaction. Quality client service is an integral part of the EVALICIOUS philosophy.

EVALICIOUS clients enjoy the unique ability to choose from several timeless variations, selecting the dress to deliver the impact they want. In the colour they want. And with the offer to adjust the dress for gentle corrections in dimensions, to fit you perfectly.

Our clients do not wear EVALICIOUS, they are EVALICIOUS. Unique and refined, EVALICIOUS models are timeless, suitable for any and every occasion, formal or fun, serious or sexy. Features such as long zippers, lace, or exposed back deliver a very feminine and seductive look, sexy in a sophisticated way.

No matter where you are, when you are EVALICIOUS you can confidently live your dream.

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Eva Košovská M.B.A., Chief Designer

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